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A brief history

In 1920, Harry Lewis, an artillery horseman in the British Army, emigrated to Australia under the soldier settlement scheme and took up land in the Carbunup region of the South West, Western Australia. Together with his wife Amelia, they began the arduous task of carving out of the dense bush a small family farm.

Sixty years on, third generation farmers Wally & Dawn Lewis finally completed what Harry started, but realised to survive as farmers they either had to find a much larger property, or radically change their existing business. They opted for the latter and in 1986 began planting vines and flowers for export.

The flowers grew to approximately 17 acres. A large rustic barn was built to process the fresh flowers and to dry the surplus, which was a very creative step for the farming family. Fashions changed with the dried flowers and progressed into sourcing good quality silk flowers, making an emporium in the flower shed on the farm. Anniebrook Farm has one of the largest collections of silk flowers, artificial greenery trees and permanent botanicals in Australia.

The activities on the farm kept evolving over the years and more recently a farm café was built next door in the same rustic style, with a lovely view over the paddocks, serving fresh home-cooked meals.

Over 30 years later, the fresh flowers have been replaced by hazelnut and oak trees infused with the truffle spores, and salt bush has been planted to flavour the lamb. More carob bean trees have been planted (some as old as the original vines) to enhance the flavour of lamb, beef and pork. With the addition of chooks and a vegetable garden, all of the fresh produce from the farm is enjoyed in the farm café.

Today there are 17 acres of vineyard with the grapes being contracted to winemakers, and a small supply kept aside for the Anniebrook wines.

Anniebrook takes its name from the small creek that meanders through the property on its journey to the Indian Ocean.

Owners Wally and Dawn provide an authentic farm experience, with more than you could ever dream of in this peaceful rural setting. Dawn says, “I love coming to work every day – each day is different, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” They welcome you with open arms, a smile and a laugh, to enjoy friendly hospitality, delicious home-cooked meals and a selection of exquisite flowers and eclectic novelties that will leave happy memories of your time at Anniebrook Farm.
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247 Wildwood Road
Australia, Western Australia, South West Australia


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