A mix of fresh herbs, tropical fruits and citrus aromas.


The zesty palate has flavours of citrus and tropical fruits, is fine textured and balanced by crisp acidity.

Growing Conditions

The overall yields were down but, the
quality was excellent. The winter was warmer and wetter
than usual, securing water supplies for the entirety of the
season. The January and February growing periods were
dry and sunny without any extreme heat events. White
varieties were picked early with great sugar accumulation,
well matched with seed ripeness and flavour
development. The Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon varieties
show intense varietal characteristics and crisp natural
acidity on the palate accompanied by a citrus to lemon and
lime fruit aromas on the nose. Chardonnay is a stand out,
showing great fruit flavours and a nice balanced acidity the
chardonnay flavours cover the spectrum from early summer
stonefruit, with a fine contour of citrus.


Five distinct blocks (three SB and two SEM) were machine
harvested in the cool of the night and pressed immediately.
After clarification, the juices were fermented separately (at a
temperature no warmer than 16 degrees C) in stainless steel
tanks to dryness, using selected aromatic yeast strains for
each variety. Each batch was left on lees in tank to build
mouthfeel, and in June a final blend was made after careful
consideration of the merits of each batch. The even palate line
of the Semillon component supports and fleshes out the
acidity and tropical notes of the Sauvignon Blanc providing a
delicious and refreshing dry white wine for any occasion.


Pale straw with green tints.