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A brief history

I remember when we first met in Tassie, our first conversation lasted well into the night. We talked about many things: our journey so far, life philosophies…. and it all linked to life long learning. That night began our learning journey together where we followed two philosophies:

“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”

“The wise man is he who constantly wonders afresh.”

We grabbed that philosophy by the horns and ran with it. Moved to Perth. Developed exciting careers in different sectors. Designed and built a fabulous house in the sand dunes. Travelled. Constantly wondering afresh about life and re-invented “us” in a myriad of ways.

Whilst living in the dunes DEVALESKI came into existence.

DEVALESKI DESIGNS and DEVALESKI CONSULTING were born and was based on us wanting to tread gently on the earth in materials used, designs developed, and learning provided.

Growing up in rural Tassie and on Norfolk Island we have always had country life in our souls so after significant careers and several life changing events we made the decision to get back to the land.

Our next journey began. We explored different states and countries until we finally settled on the south west. A shed was required as a workshop and fertile soil for building a sustainable life. Offers were made and subsequently rejected until one day we came upon a small property with a shed and a vegie garden with fruit trees PLUS a vineyard.

Another offer was made and this time acceptance. Devaleski Vineyard was born.

Just as well our philosophy of living was based on learning because “learning” is interwoven in our lives every moment of the day.
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Established in 2020

3059 Caves Road
Australia, Western Australia, South West Australia


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