This wine brings the family of confusion together, to give a wine of great flavour, texture, minerality, and freshness. To this, we have added a dollop of Viognier to add some mid palate textures.Moonmilk – a white creamy substance found in caves. It is a form of flowstone, and is gooey and pasty when wet, with a texture like cream cheese. It is crumbly and powdery when dry. It has historically been used as a medicine.

Growing Conditions

The 2017 season: A warm Spring lead to a healthy start to the season. A few Spring storms damaged some of the early growth, but this is the norm in this region. Vine growth was generally strong, and the vines healthy with a good crop.
The ripening period of February and March was cool, with the ripening process slowed.This leads to wines of finesse, purity, and a wonderfully fresh lightness.
A very unusual rain event in late March, lead to 50 - 75mm of rain over 2 days. The whites were well picked by then, so it was not an issue in this regard.. April was long, mild and dry – a godsend for the reds.
This was a bit of a white-knuckle vintage, but the results are stunning. Another great year for Margaret River.


Winemaking: The grapes were allowed to ripen to an extent where they express the full array of exotic flavours and spices. All grapes were hand harvested in early/mid March, and whole fruit pressed to retain texture. Fermentation was in old oak barrels. Following fermentation, the wines stayed in these barrels for a further 6 months, with occasional stirring to suspend the lees. The barrels were blended in October of the vintage year. The wine was minimally fined, filtered and bottled.Savagnin must be the most confused grape variety there is. With a rich history, and considered one of the founding varieties, it has suffered from nomenclature confusion with Sauvignon Blanc, name changes to traminer (a non-aromatic version of Gewurztraminer), and its presence in Australia through the misunderstanding that it was Albarinho. It does still have a spiritual home in the Jura, in the east of France, next to Switzerland, where it does make some very distinctive wines.


3 years.

Food Pairing

seared scallops, with a green salad, or just with good friends on a warm afternoon.