Fresh and floral with hints of red berries


Wow what a lovely start to a conversation, crisp, delicate, red fruits, elegantly sophisticated with good length.


We approached this Margaret River Rosé by having an open canopy all of the growing season, so the fruit received gentle dappled light, which assisted with the growth of supple tannins and fragrant berry perfumes.


The fruit was cold crushed to press and cold settled before a 12°c ferment in barrel for 20 days. Then aged in barrel on lees for four months before bottling.


Light pink with salmon hues

Food Pairing

Beautiful delicate wine, delightful on its own or paired with food.
UMAMU Rose with Snapper Crudo with Basil, Orange and Macadamia
UMAMU Rose with Melon, Prawn & Prosciutto Salad - see website for recipes.