Growing Conditions

2016 growing season at Ashbrook was typified by warm sunny days and cool nights
with no harsh weather events recorded. Three inches of rain two weeks prior to harvest
gave the vines a healthy boost and resulted in no disease pressure at all due to
Ashbrook’s predominantly lyre trellis system. A bumper and lengthy Marri blossom
also meant Silver-
eye bird damage was negligible which was well received by the
vineyard team after a hectic 2015 season juggling netting. All said and done the white
varieties were
harvested at optimum flavour ripeness. Yields were slightly below
average but the quality was impeccable. An inch of rain before the red harvest was again
beneficial for the vines and grapes were picked in perfect condition. Yields were of
average size with the 2016 vintage characterised by flavours developing at lower sugar
levels across all varieties.


Our 5 blocks of mature Chardonnay vines were harvested over 11
days to ensure the
optimal flavor profiles of each block were captured. All fruit was hand harvested in the
cool of dawn, immediately destemmed and pressed and the juice settled in temperature
controlled stainless steel tanks.


Only brand new French oak is used to balance and
enhance the powerful fruit flavors our Chardonnay consistently achieves. Upon
completion of primary fermentation both the wooded and unwooded portions were
allowed to mature
on undisturbed lees for 8 months. Malolactic fermentation and
battonage were avoided to retain the primary fruit qualities and freshness crucial to our
style of Chardonnay. The finished wine has 12 months of bottle maturation in our
underground climate co
ntrolled cellar ensuring a perfectly integrated, delicious and
complex wine on release which will age graciously for many years to come.