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A brief history

More than 20 years ago...
Ron Fraser, a wine retailer and lover of fine wines, set out to further explore his passion for exceptional wines while showcasing the beautiful region in which he lived, Margaret River, Western Australia.

Margaret River was once a sleepy community of surfers and dairy farmers, however thanks to a group of trailblazing winemakers (many of whom had never made wine before!), the region built a global reputation for outstanding Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

After a long search for the perfect location, Ron finally found a vineyard he believed would produce the premium-quality grapes he needed to support his vision. Planting commenced in the newly established Atticus Wines in 1997.

After selling fruit to the local wineries for the first five vintages, Ron knew the vines were mature enough to produce high-quality fruit. Along with his winemaker, he set out to craft the unique wines that he felt the vineyard was capable of producing.
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Established in 2005

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