A prominent bouquet of a mix of dark red fruits, cherry, mulberry and raspberry with
undertones of subtle aniseed and mixed spices.


The palate is medium bodied but with surprising richness. The silky tannins blend so
well with the weight of the mouthfeel. The subtle oak adds a layer of flavour and complexity to the delightful, red fruit flavours intermingled with liquorice and chocolate. The succulent
characters of the fruit carry right through to a balanced, mouth filling, persistent and smooth

Growing Conditions

Fully Certified Organic fruit under the ACO in 2020. The Shiraz is all estate grown fruit and
predominately from the superior northern block. As with all of our fruit the wines are grown
with strict organic principles in mind, meaning we do not use any toxic agricultural chemicals on the estate and we maintain healthy soils using microbiological strategies. The purity in the fruit is expressed in the quality and flavour of the final product. The 202 vintage was one of the earliest on record with many being done before they might've even began. Quality was good in both whites and reds, with reds producing some strong flavours, colours and tannins.


Harvested using the latest technology, the grapes are picked and destemmed in the vineyard
before they are delivered to the winery in pristine condition.


Each batch of Shiraz is fermented on skins for 7-10 days using a Burgundian style of yeast to ensure optimal colour and tannin extraction, before being assessed and delivered to barrel. Maturation, including malolactic fermentation in barrel gives layer of complexity to compliment the fresh natural flavours. A combination of French and American Hogs Head style barrels add to the palate structure.


Rich red with ruby hues.

Food Pairing

A wine to be drunk reasonably young and enjoyed with most red meats of a great match with
vegetable red curry.