Red currants, cassis and dark chocolate, hints of vanilla, mulberries and cedar.


Dense entry of blue and black fruits, flavours of plum jam, black currant and cherries lead to a focused palate of rich fruit tannin laced with floral essences. A persistent and dark finish is brought to balance with cherry skin structure and gravelly tartness as an underlay.

Growing Conditions

The 2015 to 2016 vintage season in Margaret River was generally warm and dry up to the third week in January 2016. The relatively dry winter combined with a warmer growing season corresponded to vines achieving good shoot lengths and making the transition from vegetative growth to fruiting growth a little earlier than normal; a great feature for fruit quality. Our dry growing season was quenched on 19th March, 2016 with 50 mm of rain, enough to wash the dust of the vine leaves, top up the dry soil profiles and carry the vines through to full ripeness. The resulting wines are fragrant with succulent natural acidities, lovely textures and intense aromatic lift.


The fruit was hand-picked, de-stemmed and the berries just split to allow for minimal breakdown of the skin and to preserve the natural fruit freshness. The grapes were pumped over three times a day for 18 days, after which the wine was separated from the skins and allowed to finish fermentation in premium French oak barriques. The wine is aged in 45% new oak barrels for 18 months, after which it was blended, clarified and bottled.


Enjoyed for its freshness now, or cellar for up to 10 years for added complexity.


Crimson with streaks of blue and black.