The wine opens up with sweet black and red fruits of mulberry, black currant and cranberry, and a whiff of lavender.


Medium bodied with soft velvety tannins, layers of fine fruit on the palate with chocolate and cedar notes from the oak. The finish is long and savoury.

Growing Conditions

A solid winter of rain laid the foundation for good sub-soil moisture, which continued until late December. Below average rainfall continued through Summer and into Autumn, bringing very dry conditions and not too many hot days. Chardonnay yields were quite low, due to flowering conditions in early spring. However this was the opposite with Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon resulting in some of the more generous yields we’ve seen.




The inspiration for the Parterre Cabernet Sauvignon has been taken from some of the great wines of Bordeaux. The aim is to make a wine that allows the fruit to shine, complement it with oak whilst maintaining great structure and finesse. Our belief is that by doing this we have made the best wine possible, that truly reflects the place in which it is grown.


18 months.