Lemon blossom and lime,with a whiff of lanolin.


A lean wine with plenty of waxy texture on the palate, ultra refreshing acidity to bite. Citrusy and some crème fraiche to soften the edges, and some flint as well.

Growing Conditions

A colder, longer and wetter winter delayed budburst by 3-4 weeks which delayed flowering into a later period, missing the usual windy and hail conditions we normally see in spring. This was the vintage where quality and quantity appeared. The early warning signs were there that this could be a long and difficult vintage, so canopy management practices were undertaken. Leaf and shoot removal to improve exposure and airflow was rewarded later in the season with perfectly ripened grapes with no disease and the long hang time brought in red grapes with some of the highest anthocyanin and tannin measurements we have seen. Which equates to long lasting red wines with intense colour.10th February saw a huge low pressure system, but Margaret River luckily only received 17mm in 4 days. However, the storm blew off most of the Marri blossom so the silvereye birds were ravenous, the nets had to go on early. February was cooler than normal, so vintage was delayed by 2-4 weeks depending on variety. But warmer and drier weather returned for April and May. The red grapes were able to hang out for that long hang time resulting in great tannin ripeness and colour intensities in the wines.


An often Misnterpreted style of wine, often overlooked for the chardonnay, but has the genetics to far outlast chardonnay in the aging stakes with its zippy acidity and predominance of Semillon. They offer more complexity and interest and make better food wines than the usual tank fermented SSB blends on offer.10 months in combination of new and old French barriques, French Puncheons, cigar barrels.


Drinks beautifully on release or will reward cellaring for up to 10 years.


A luminescent pale straw green.