Classic tar and tobacco characters with violet scents.


In common with this variety in its homeland this wine is not overtly fruity as is common with
most Australian red wine but is savoury, earthy and full of complex mouthfeel. Medium bodied it is light
yeas away from the norm of Australian red wine. This is a wine for true wine lovers that are fascinated
by the distinctive personality of the great classic grape varieties.

Growing Conditions

Following a good winter was a mild and calm spring with generally good weather during the crucial
flowering period, that is the stage at which the flowers are fertilized and begin to form individual grape
berries. This stage can often be quite wild and stormy leading to significant loss of fruit.
The beginning of summer was mild, almost perfect growing conditions. There was a small rain event
in January which may have caused consternation had it continued but it was mercifully brief leading to
several months of virtually rain free weather.
March was mild, with perhaps only three days of intense heat, ideal conditions for the development
of the red grapes, with harvesting beginning middle of March through to the middle of April. Good
colours, ripe aromas and flavours and good structural tannins across all red varieties.


Nebbiolo is famous for its light colour depth with hues more in the tan to orange spectrum
than the bright red, but with a surprisingly rich and textural palate of great complexity, often with a
substantial tannin profile.