Blum blossoms and black pepper aromas greet on the nose, descending.


A palate laden with thick lashings of spice, raspberries and violets. A soft core of supple tannin and coating fruit tannin lead to a finish of black berries, allspice and plums.


Machine harvested. Shiraz berries are processed un-crushed (whole berries) to a tank for fermentation on skin. Whole berries ensure slower and more controlled extraction of tannin, better perfume retention and greater aromatic complexity. Fermented on skin for 10-14 days at 22 degC (cool) and pumped over twice a day, then pressed to barrel. Secondary malolactic 100%, occurs on barrel.
Maturation Aged in barrel on very light lees for 10 months before bottling. Battonage every 5-6 weeks. French (Allier and Voges forests), 33 - 40% new.


Bright red.

Food Pairing

Great with spicy dishes, rich red meat, mushroom, lentils and strong cheese but soft enough to enjoy whilst curled up on the couch without food.