Then enjoy some super delicious, fresh, green apple, pear skin and salty fizz.


Unfined and unfiltered with no additions of SO2 during the making.

Fizz - ~2.75 Bar


For this iteration of Natorious we have gone with a blend of Chenin Blanc and Vermentino. As the years go on, we have worked at increasing the weight and texture of this wine. It feels as if the Chenin Blanc brings the weight while the Vermentino adds the acidity and saline texture. Fermented separately before blending in stainless steel and being spiked with some fresh Chenin Blanc juice to give the lil’ yeasties some sugar to turn into fizz.


Pet nat is an all natural style of sparkling, it has some cloudy sediment and can get a lil friendly when opening (read gushy) so to avoid any spillage put me on ice and flip my lid.

Food Pairing

Best served ice cold with a bunch of mates, if you don’t know now ya know!