Fragrant, though restrained bouquet of plummy dark fruits. A compelling mixture of
very ripe black cherry and black plums, and underlying dark chocolate. This overlays a fine smoky oak fragrance.


This is a very youthful, tightly woven wine that reveals its core of black fruit flavours that are intense, striking and demand attention. The flavours slowly evolve with ample, firm tannins dominating a dry, full-bodied very long finish. The four distinct grape components of ripe fruit, their acidity and beautifully melded oak maturation gives a harmonious complex and quite intense round mouthfeel that lingers.

Growing Conditions

The 2019 vintage was one of the longest vintages, with late ripening, especially of the cabernet
sauvignon. Cultivated under organic practices, meaning we do not use any harmful or toxic
chemicals on the grapes. Aiming to produce pure, quality fruit, to the highest standard.


Cabernet Sauvignon - these are the same grapes used to make our premium Bartondale. The A+ barrels make the St Johns and Bartondale Cabernet Sauvignon allocation. Generally the more fruit driven barrels are selected for the St Johns range. The Cabernet spends 30 days on skins, then around 16 months in the various new and used French oak barriques.

Malbec - Made to highlight dark colour and a rich mid-palate. Generally the Malbec spends 16
days on skins, then goes into two new French oak barriques and the balance was matured in 2-4 year old French oak barriques for 16 months. Barrels selected for the blend add weight rich-
ness and intensity.

Merlot - Spends 10-14 days on skins, ensuring red fruits and soft tannins. The Merlot spends 14 months in 2-3 year old French oak barriques.

Petit Verdot—This variety adds an intense lifted aromatic component to the blend with fine tannins, adding to the backbone. In the winery the 4 varieties all performed well during ferment and careful oak selection meant the assemblage was a difficult and lengthy process to achieve the blend required.


16 months in French Oak


Deep red core with youthful tinges of purple edges.