Fresh, youthful fragrant light red fruit bouquet, red plum, raspberry with hints of fruit
jam essences.


The wine is soft, juicy and medium bodied. Its richness is immediately apparent with
the red fruits tantalising your taste buds. This is well complimented with subtle exotic spice and
integrated oak undertones.

Growing Conditions

As with all good Merlots of the world, this is elegant, sophisticated and refined. This style of wine is a result of the climate and conditions (terrior) of the region that the wines are grown in. Margaret River has temperate maritime climate with warm days and cool nights. The fruit is grown using strict organic principles, meaning we don’t use any toxic chemicals in our vineyard; we believe our wines taste better this way.


The Merlot is machine harvest in the cool of the night using the selective harvester.


The fruit is crushed and the resulting must is pumped into a tank, the juice is left in contact with the skins for 7-days, allowing colour, tannin and flavour extraction. During this period a cultured yeast has been added to the must and fermentation will occur. The wine is racked off and then matured in older American and French oak barrels with a portion of the wine remaining fresh in the tank. This is all assembled together after the maturation ready for bottling. We only filter our red wines, no fining agents are used and onlyu small levels of sulphur are added prior to bottling.


Vibrant ruby red.