An intense red wine with lifted aromas of blackcurrants, dark cherries intermingled with liquorice. The earthy, savoury, almost leathery note is apparent and sits alongside the sub-
tle French oak nuances.


Petit Verdot is not for the novice. This is a serious wine that deserves respect and your full attention. Intense, dark fruit loaded mid-palate, with the firm tannins adding a grip on the cheeks and teeth. The fresh acid line serves to cleanse the palate leaving a great mix of dark fruits and dry, savoury elements that makes this wine literally bone dry.

Growing Conditions

The Petit Verdot is always the slow one. Last to burst, last to flower, last to fruit, last to go
through veraison and last to ripen. Some years it just doesn’t get ripe enough. The Petit Verdot is a variety that pre-dates Cabernet Sauvignon. Grown in Bordeaux, it is used as a “filler” in some of the most famous and sought after wines from that region. The 2020 vintage was one of the earliest on record with some wineries done before they may have even started in previous years. The 2020 vintage had perfect ripening conditions for Petit Verdot. Flavours, colours and tannins were strong and intense in the reds of this vintage.


After maturation is complete, the wine is filtered and bottled on-site.


All of the Petit Verdot fruit is machine harvested, picked at optimal ripeness and concentration, to create a dark, bold and seductive red wine. It is then crushed and inoculated with a Bordeaux yeast strain. This is followed by 8-10 days of skin contact. Typically a hard variety to get the balance of acid, tannin and fruit sweetness right, this example hits the nail on the head. This wine has ample tannins integrated with oak.


Afterwards, the wine is transferred into 2-3 year old French oak barriques.


Deep, dark red.