An attractive fragrant bouquet of ripe stone fruits and citrus. This is mingles perfectly
with subtle buttery nuances.


Rich, complex and bursting with flavour. A smooth entry on the palate, followed by
a burst of juicy, upfront stone fruits—notes of apricot, and honeydew balance seamlessly with
the classy French oak. Vanillin spice and the creamy texture give great length, body and
interest to this wine. Delicious and textural—AND organic!

Growing Conditions

Churchview pride themselves on cultivating, crafting and cherishing the land, the grapes and
the wine. Since the beginning, Churchview has practiced and implemented organic farming
strategies gaining their Certified Organic qualification in 2020. We avoid the use of toxic
chemicals in order to maintaining healthy soils, which in turn allows the vines to produce
pure, quality fruit. The 2021 vintage was certainly challenging for many reasons including
Cyclone Seroja and Covid-19. However, the wines still proved remarkable with some
outstanding aromatic wines.


Gentle pressing follows as the resultant juice is transferred to the tank and allowed to settle.
The fruit was cold settled in stainless vats to the desired level of clarity. The juice is racked the
following day to a combination of new and older French oak barrels for fermentation
(predominately wild). The wine spent 9 months aging, allowing oak integration and secondary
characters to develop. Careful selection saw this wine blended back into stainless, cold and
heat. The wine was then stabilised, filtered and send off for bottling. A fully pure and organic
wine is produced.


9 months


Bright straw.