The aromas are of lime, lemon curd and preserved lemon along with creamy oak.


The palate is smooth with a flinty texture and flavours of grapefruit and spice abound.

Growing Conditions

Good spring rains refilled the sub-soil profile and calm conditions allowed even flowering and fruit set across all varieties. Bunch numbers were high, but berry sizes were low, contributing to high yields and high quality for 2013. The windy, rainy, cold weather during spring 2012 when flowering was occurring did the damage, especially a significant storm in the last week of November had a huge impact knocking flowers off and damaging the small pea-sized Chardonnay berries which subsequently aborted or were removed by hand. Chardonnay yields were down 30% on average yields.




An often misinterpreted style of wine, often overlooked for the chardonnay, but has the genetics to far outlast chardonnay in the aging stakes with its zippy acidity and predominance of Semillon. They offer more complexity and interest and make better food wines than the usual tank fermented SSB blends on offer.This barrel fermented style is summed up best as “fine acidity meets barrel texture” creating a wine that is restrained and elegant, finely balanced with length and composure. It is a wine that really sings with food especially freshly shucked oysters or grilled abalone


10 months.