The Wine: Youthful and bright with steely green hues the Hay Shed Hill ‘G40’ Riesling
exhibits a wonderful lifted citrus blossom floral bouquet.


The palate is bright and alive
with zesty acidity providing the ideal foil for the sweetness of the grape sugars. The
wine is light and wonderfully refreshing.

Growing Conditions

Great Southern Region
The 2016 vintage was influenced by a hot dry spring, which accelerated vine growth, and
a mild summer with above average rainfall leading into an early autumn.


A very early budburst occurred in late August or early September for all varieties. A
lack of cold fronts through early spring and the associated damaging winds saw vine
growth accelerate through flowering and into early stages of veraison. Yields were much
improved on the previous year though the aromatic whites such as riesling and sauvignon
blanc were marginally lighter.
Heavy rain in late January and the early onset of cold night time temperatures slowed
things down and gave the vines an opportunity for the flavours to really concentrate. The
cold night temperatures were a feature of the white harvest, the benefit to fruit quality
could be clearly seen.
The cold nights also helped the Mt Barker Riesling to achieve great results with a linear
acid backbone and great limey citrus aromas.
The 2016 vintage will result in some magnificent wines from the Great Southern region.