Ripe cherry and cassis aromas.


With a solid background of quality French cedar like oak providing an intriguing foreword to
the palate which is rich and smooth with fleshy ripe flavoured and a soft supple textural finish. It is worth
seeing what the fuss is about when this great world variety hits the mark.

Growing Conditions

: Margaret River has experienced an unprecedented sequence of outstanding vintages – all with
their own twists and turns but all of the highest quality.
2014 will prove to be another highlight in this run, but with a profound difference that may not be realized
for several years.
The 2014 vintage commenced in a very similar vein to the last three vintages with hot and dry conditions
in January and February.
In contrast, however to recent vintages the season cooled considerably in March leading to a long and
extended ripening for the red varieties. In fact the harvest of Cabernet at Hay Shed Hill was two to three
weeks later than the previous four vintages with warm days, cool nights and a total absence of rainfall
providing a slow and steady ripening rather than a rapid accumulation of sugar and allowing all the colour
and flavour components to develop. In many respects the 2014 vintage was a throwback to the 1990’s
with many vineyards going all the way through to the end of April. No early fishing trips for grape growers
in 2014.


The wine displays a vibrant colour with bright red hues.