Bright, elegant, and fragrant, the nose has heightened floral notes of violets, lavender, cardamom and pepper medley. The core of fruit is in the line of black cherries and blueberries. Clove, cinnamon, burnt toffee and petrichor provide delicate complex.


Gentle textures, woven layers and bright acidity meet seamlessly. Dense Satsuma plums, redcurrants and raspberries surround the mid palate. Elements of smoked cedar and cracked coffee bean combine with a mineral
thread, leading to long structural tannins.

Growing Conditions

Clear and mild late Autumnal weather delivered red wines which display excellent flavour and tannin profiles.

Winter of 2018 was characteristically cold and wet. Pruning conditions were arduous with few clear, rain-free days. It will be reminisced for the weeks of strong west to north westerly winds off the Indian Ocean, with several days of southerly hail to add to the gruelling pruning experience. The mild early spring weather delayed flowering by approximately ten days over much of the vineyard. In late spring and early summer, the weather improved substantially and warm blue sky days were commonplace. A significant 52 mm of rain in late January, preparing the unirrigated vineyards for a perfect finish to ripening.


Vintage commenced in the last week of February with the harvest of the Riesling. In a year with no marri blossom to distract the birds from the grapes, every net on the estate was used and reused. The Cabernet and Shiraz harvest commenced with gusto in mid-April and concluded in the final days of the month.


16 November 2020


Fruit was fermented in both open and closed fermenters with 20% being whole bunches to enhance vibrancy and lift. Ferment vessels were plunged and pumped over daily and the wine run to new, one and two year old barrels for malolactic fermentation. The wine underwent malolactic in barrels and after six months the various components were blended and matured in barrels for a further twelve months, resulting in a total of eighteen months of barrel maturation. After assemblage the wine was fined and readied for bottling.

- FINING: Egg white


- TOAST LEVEL: Medium and medium plus