Tropical fruit salad in a glass. There's a mix of passionfruit, pineapple and guava and sweet orange blossom notes.


Full of passionfruit and honeydew melon. It's sweet, without being too sweet. The acid is crisp and refreshing.

Growing Conditions

For the 2018 vintage, . there was no rain and no heat spikes.


During February to harvest all of these magnificent grapes in the cool of night.


Tipped them into the crusher, pumped them through the chiller, into the press and the juice then went straight into a stainless steel tank for fermentation. But wait, this is sounding very similar to the Classic White ... the difference, before the ferment was finished, Greg super chilled this wine. He got it so cold that the yeast died and left us with a wine still containing sugar from the grapes. Not super sweet, just sweet. Oh and to make sure it was squeaky clean, it did get sterile filtered on the way to the bottle.


Pale lemon.

Food Pairing

This wine is vegan and vegetarian friendly.