Tropical fruit, melon and grassy aromas offer appealing intensity of fruit on the palate, which is complemented by the long, lingering, crisp, finish.


A total of 13.44 tonnes of Semillon grapes were picked on the estate on February 18, 2016 at a Baumé of 12.3°. The grapes were brought straight to the winery from the vineyard and crushed, pressed and pumped into stainless steel refrigerated tanks for settling. On February 16, 2016 6.223 tonnes of Sauvignon Blanc grapes were picked on the new block and brought to the winery. The clear juice from both varieties was then racked to fermenters for alcohol fermentation. This process took 24 days in the case of the Semillon and 18 days for the Sauvignon Blanc. The wine was then 51%/44% blended with 5% Chardonnay and protein and cold stabilised and subjected to a fining procedure.