Opens with pineapple richness and some fragrant mountain herbs. Apricot and white peach aromas filter through, some jasmine flower, some nettles.


Picking out the bassier notes of SB and running hard with them. The texture is creamy and rich, resplendent with sweet pineapple, hints of passionfruit and kiwifruit. Gooseberry, fire & spice, sweet lemon curd. The richness is offset by some taut acidity and a long finish that leaves you wanting more.

Growing Conditions

Vineyard: Single vineyard site in the eastern Wallciffe sub-region
Soil: Free-draining lateritic soil, gravel over karri loam
Elevation: 60m


October 2020
Unfiltered, unfined


Pressed immediately after the pick and straight into Frenck oak for a wild and long fermentation. Kept on lees 7 months until bottling in October, unfined, unfiltered.
Organically produced. Vegan Friendly


Kept on lees 7 months