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A brief history

Like many people, our journey to wine was through hospitality.

Naomi surfed & snow-boarded around the world and I worked in bars & on farms. I remember how fit I was back then...

One day my Dad bought a vineyard, a proper one, and he asked me to help. Together we built a winery on it with the family. Then 10 years later it sold. Immediately Naomi & I started thinking about our very own vineyard.

If we started something, we wanted our kids to be able to play around in the dirt without us worrying. We wanted them to be able to pick fruit off of the trees and put them straight into their mouths without a care in the world.

A van trip to Europe, touring around every vineyard and surf break we could pack in, opened our eyes to what winemaking could be. We saw that you can use old-world techniques and blend them with new-world knowledge to create more natural wines. I think about that trip every week.

It’s taken a long time to get things right - nurturing new vines & testing techniques. As we’ve grown, we’ve bought another vineyard within the region, now with our own bottling line, allowing us to control more of the process. Although this crazy machine controls us all sometimes.

The extra space has meant we’ve been able to add a Biodynamic vegie garden onto the property to help feed us and others, bee-hives to keep us in honey, and free-range chooks to scratch out the bugs in the vineyard.

We don’t always get things spot on (who does?) but we are are proud to pour our wines to good people, letting them know our steps and mis-steps along the way.


And leave the world a better place than when you arrived.

Ben & Naomi, Joe & Harry
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