Very intense, with candied fruits resembling Turkish Delight and rose petal nuances, aromatic and clean.


The palate is truly an explosion of fruit flavours. Rich, soft and sweet, with extremely long length. The acid and alcohol content of the wine, ensures that the sweetness is balanced and clean.


With this wine we really wanted to challenge the “traditional wine making rules”, trying to produce something “out of the ordinary”.Nebbiolo grapes, which are used in making Barolo and Barbaresco wines in Italy, are famous for their dry, long living and tannic wines that require many years of maturation before showing their best qualities and complex flavours.This wine defies this convention as it is sweet, easily approachable, velvety smooth in texture, unusual in colour and definitely unique.
The grapes are cane cut and left on the vines until just before the commencement of the winter rains. The grapes are hand-picked, gently crushed and pressed straight away with minimal contact of the skins.
Slow fermentation is carried out in small stainless steel tanks and controlled to last for 50 plus days to retain the fruit flavours and alcohol in the wine.
This wine is not fortified.


Unusual soft golden pink that is crystal clear.

Food Pairing

Excellent accompaniment to fresh fruits like strawberries and other berry fruits, soft gelato and all other delicate desserts.To fully enjoy aromatic flavours serve at 18° to 22°C or enjoy chilled at 10°C to 12°C. The choice is yours.