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A brief history

Juniper is a producer of premium wines in Margaret River, the heart of the remote, environmentally pristine winegrowing area lying in the south-west corner of Western Australia, 270km south of Perth. We are fortunate that Margaret River is where it is and, with its maritime influence, ancient soils and beautiful landscape is perfectly suited to the production of great wines.

The Juniper ‘Estate’ vineyard (formerly Wright’s) was planted in 1973 and, together with Vasse Felix, Cape Mentelle, Cullen, Moss Wood and Woodlands, is one of the founding vineyards of the region.

Juniper was established in 1998 by the late Roger Hill and his wife, Gillian Anderson, with the intention of producing wines which rank among the best to come from Margaret River and beyond.

In 2017 Gillian and Roger’s sons, Nick and Tom, took over the running of the business with the same ambition to make great wines from our own vineyards. After mentoring Tom for five years Nick’s career has taken a new direction and Tom has assumed the role of CEO
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Established in 1973

98 Tom Cullity Drive
Australia, Western Australia, South West Australia


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