This year there are more strawberries than cream, but it is still strawberries and cream.


There are spice notes in here that really lift the summer pudding flavours - think lots of berries, not just strawberries but raspberries and blueberries as well with vanilla and cinnamon spices. This wine is off dry and balanced with natural acidity producing a refreshing and flavoursome finish. Definitely a wine to serve chilled, add in an ice block or two if needed, and drink whilst fresh and vibrant. But most importantly, enjoy.

Growing Conditions

From the summer rainfall & river flooding in the Swan Valley, to the threat of not ripening any of the red grapes in Margaret River, the 2017 vintage will be remembered as one of the most nerve-racking and anxious seasons. It certainly beats all of the last 10 vintages I've seen at Sandalford. Overall, the whole growing season, from Spring through to Summer / Autumn was much cooler than average. There were no heat extremes this year. This delayed the ripening of all varieties by at least 3 -4 weeks than normal. For the whites, the wines have excellent flavour concentration and structure and were harvested with a good natural acid and sugar balance.


This wine was made as a Rose from the very first day in the vineyard. The grapes were picked late March - April.


After crushing, they were held in the press for 4-5 hours of skin contact. Once the desired colour and flavour was attained, the juice was drained from the press and cold-settled in tank. Fermentation progressed at cool temperatures ensuring fruit characters were fully preserved. The ferment was tasted daily and once the desired sugar level was reached, the fermentation was stopped followed by immediate stabilisation, clarification and bottling. Pristine fruit in a bottle is more than apt to this style.


Pink, bright and bold PINK.