Growing Conditions

Produced by the traditional method from estate grown Chardonnay grapes, this vintage sparkling wine is a medium style, with a fresh apple bouquet and crisp citrus flavours, a delicious aperitif!


The base wine was made in the normal way with yeast being added to the Chardonnay juice and fermentation occurring. Usual stability and palate balancing processes were employed and the wine was then bottled in sparkling wine bottles which are designed to withstand high pressures. During this time the second fermentation took place, releasing fine bubbles of carbon dioxide which dissolved into the wine. After bottle maturation, the wine was placed in specially designed wooden racks which were rotated hourly for about 2 weeks. In this time the 'yeast lees' progressively accumulated in the neck of the bottle, clarifying the wine. After this 'riddling' process, the neck of the bottles were frozen by carefully inserting them upside down into super chilled brine. A machine then removed the crown seals and the plugs of yeast were ejected by the pressure. The bottles were then topped with more of the sparkling wine together with what is known as the "Expedition Liqueur", a combination of sugar and a very small amount of citric acid. The bottles were quickly sealed with a sparkling wine cork, secured with a 'muselet' or wire cage and then labelled.