This Shiraz exhibits a tinge of white pepper and dark plum fruit characteristics on the nose.


Which carry over to a well-rounded palate. Maturation for two years in American oak barriques adds vanillin notes to the wine.

Growing Conditions

Produced and bottled at Woody Nook's single vineyard estate, where the vines are unirrigated.


The grapes are handpicked.


4.147 tonnes of shiraz grapes were picked by hand at the Woody Nook vineyard at a Baumé of 13.1° and 13.4 on February 25 & March 23, 2016, the same day seeing them begin their illustrious journey, first into the open fermenters for several days of plunging, followed by several more in stainless steel tanks for malolactic fermentation. Shiraz is matured in American oak barrels at Woody Nook and remains in them for 18-24 months.