The nose has a floral citrus blossom lift with fruit
characters of lemon, lime, green apple, pear and cumquat, complemented by characters of orange/lime marmalade, honey, almond and nougat


The palate is succulent and mouth watering featuring flavours of glazed pear and citrus, creamed honey, nougat and nuances of marmalade-like bitterness finishing with a refreshing crisp clean mouth feel

Growing Conditions

The season was preceded by a wet winter & spring, the driest November since 1999 - so there were no issues around flowering or fruit set - & then the wettest December since 1996. This was followed by a long, dry Indian summer, with maximum temperatures mirroring the long-term average


Hand-picked on 8th April 2018 from a single block at a Baumé of 19.1 Be°


The wine was bottled on 7th August 2018


Gently pressed over 24 hours, settled and tank fermented followed by aging in neutral barrels


8 months in old barrels to help develop the colour


Pale straw in colour

Food Pairing

Blue cheese