Sassy, savoury and strikingly serious Sangiovese. Overflowing with aromas of maraschino cherry, raspberry and white flowers.


It bursts onto the palate with racy natural acidity and splashes of wild strawberry and cherry finishing with a juicy tang.

Growing Conditions

Weather conditions leading into v18 were a little unusual. A warmer than average December followed by a cooler than average January, February and March, resulted in a slow and steady ripening period. This allowed for the development of ripe flavours at low sugar levels and high natural acidity. Providing the perfect balance to create complex, aromatic and precise wines


Hand-picked when looking lush. Chilled to perfection overnight. Flipped, tipped and pressed the next day to give a dash of colour. The cloudy pink juice was wild fermented with no additions to ensure nothing but pure fruit comes to play.

Food Pairing

Only one rule; drink any day, any time with or without food.